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ICYMI: Alvanon Founders Honored in Glossy 50 list, Under “The Experts” Category

Press Release

Although 3D technology modeling platform Alvanon has been around for 20 years, its concept of digitizing clothing and models of various sizes is a relatively new proposition for most. However, it gained traction during the pandemic. The company’s 3D virtual bodies program and the Alvanon Body Platform allow for both samples and body models to solely exist virtually, decreasing the amount of waste that’s typically produced during the sampling process.

Alvanon’s Janice and Jason Wang said their focus is on leading brands to adopt the company’s eagerness for innovation and change. “The first thing that we made were physical mannequins [in U.S. sizes ranging from 2-14],” said Janice Wang. “And these mannequins aren’t just mannequins, but they’re setting the size standard for the whole industry. We’ve built a reputation on [backing] a new methodology for [understanding] the human body model and being able to make it, while also showing how relevant that is for the industry. It serves as a benchmark.”

Alvanon advises more than 1,000 brands, from Stitch Fix to Chanel, on fit and sizing strategies. Unifying the sampling process through brand avatars has streamlined the process to be quicker and less labor-intensive. Under Armour has been using the company’s technologies for two years.

Now, Jason Wang has his sights set on another opportunity for brands and wholesale companies: “There is potential to now create a proper, scalable, virtual fitting room for the industry,” he said. “That’s where we see digitalization [in fashion] is going next.” And, as industry interest in the metaverse picks up, digital assets are set to become a larger portion of Alvanon’s business. Brands are currently sitting on huge repositories of imagery, products and past collections, and they’re looking to bring their history to life digitally. “That’s where Alvanon is going to be playing in the next five years,” Jason Wang said.

This press release was issued by Alvanon December 1, 2021. Check out the complete Glossy 50 list here. Alvanon is a member of SPESA.

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