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JUKI Introduces a New Computer-Controlled Buttonholing Indexer

By Apparel Resources

Japanese sewing technology leader JUKI launched its new computer-controlled buttonholing indexer AC-172N-1790AN for buttonholing top centre plaits on 21 February 2022.

JUKI says the sewing machine automatically sews continuous buttonholes, such as those of men’s shirts.

The indexer also performs sewing of buttonholes at specified intervals and is provided as standard with a stacking device that automatically stacks the finished materials.

“As compared with the single buttonholing machines, the AC-172N-1790AN not only promises improved accuracy of buttonholing positions but also provides increased productivity,” claims JUKI.

The new AC-172N-1790 AN comes equipped with the “operation panel” that improved operability for setting sewing patterns such as buttonhole sewing method, number of buttonholes, buttonhole interval, etc.

The entire operation panel has been changed from the conventional button-operated type, in which settings are made using the up and down keys and the numeric keypad, to a colour LCD panel, which enables touch controls.

Furthermore, through the organisation of the functions by hierarchy, it is now possible to directly select sewing patterns and complete various settings such as the size and density of stitches in a short time.

In addition, the main body of the sewing machine has been modernised by adopting the digital sewing machine/high-speed lockstitch buttonhole sewing system LBH-1790AN.

“As a result, easier maintenance and quieter performance during operation are achieved,” informs JUKI in a newsletter.

This article was published by Apparel Resources March 1, 2022. Juki is a member of SPESA.

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