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Panel Discussion: 3D Fitting for the Real World & Q&A Follow-Up

By Alvanon

3D Fitting for the Real World Q&A Follow-Up | 4/27/22

On March 23rd, Alvanon consultants Don Howard and Tracy Rickert sat down to discuss 3D Fitting practices with representatives from WalMart and Columbia Sportswear. We received so many responses and questions during the Q&A of that webinar we have decided to host a Q&A-focused follow-up.

In this one hour webinar on April 27th, the panel will work to address and discuss the most popular questions from the original 3D Fitting discussion as well as field any new questions. It will be an interactive session expanding on the panel discussion from March 23rd, watching that webinar first is recommended, you can find the link for that March 23rd session below.

3D Fitting for the Real World Panel Discussion | 3/23/22

In the original webinar from March 23rd, 2022, Alvanon Consultants Don Howard, Tracy Rickert and industry partners, from WalMart and Columbia Sportswear, sat down to discuss 3D fitting strategies, how they have evolved in the past 2 years, and what is next for 3D fitting.


  • Libby Wilson |Senior Manager | Technical Design | WalMart

  • Elizabeth Kraidich | Technical Designer | WalMart

  • Gina Patterson | Sr. Fit Engineering Manager | Columbia Sportswear

  • Kimberly Wick | Technical Consultant | Alvanon

  • Tracy Rickert | Senior Consultant | Alvanon

  • Don Howard | Executive Director, Consulting | Alvanon

Session Details:

DPC goals have stretched beyond showrooms and line development out of necessity in a remote work world. Working from home has pushed the boundary of what we thought was possible in 3D.

So how have companies adapted to ensure they are comfortable with 3D fit approval? Are you set up for success for digital fit approval? And how can we, more generally, instill confidence in digital garments?


Not a problem! You can register and view the webinar by clicking the link below. The passcode to enter is 7.hz^jFq

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