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SPESA Speaks | Back to School


It may still be 100 degrees here in North Carolina, but our calendars tell us that fall is right around the corner, which always makes us think of one thing: time to go back to school.

Back in the SPESA team’s school days — admittedly not so long ago — we couldn’t wait to be done with classes. But now, ironically, we’re nostalgic for book fairs and school supplies. So, it’s probably a good thing that providing education for our members and the sewn products industry is a key part of our mission as an organization.

This fall, we will be hosting two major events. The SPESA Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference in September presents a unique opportunity to not only learn about new ideas, solutions, and technology available for the sewn products industry, but to also ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted answered from the people who create the solutions and products you need. We are heading to Detroit to learn about the latest sewn product innovation taking place in the region not only in the automotive industry but also in workforce development, on-demand manufacturing, automation, and so much more.

In November, we are flying south to San Juan for the 2022 SPESA Executive Conference.

The cornerstone of SPESA’s event calendar every year, this two-day conference features a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, industry case studies, and networking events to provide an opportunity for attendees from across the industry to both learn and engage.

Registration for both events is now open to anyone interested in learning more about the sewn products industry.

As the dates grow nearer, we are becoming increasingly excited about the education and opportunities these events will provide. But, even more so, we are excited to meet and connect with new “students.” Last month, we announced five new members had joined the SPESA ranks. We look forward to welcoming these members in Detroit and San Juan and introducing them to all of you.

Likewise, we encourage our more senior members to reach out to the new member companies and to new employees within your own companies and invite them to join you at one of our events or another within the industry. There is one thing we know for sure: whether you have spent 50 years in this industry, or you are right out of school, there is always more we can learn.


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