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Zünd@Texprocess Americas 2022 – #LetsTalkWorkflow

Press Release

Zund America is a member of SPESA and will be exhibiting at Texprocess Americas May 17-19, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oak Creek, Wisc., April 2022 – Workflow automation is essential for standardized, economical production processes in textile and leather applications. At Texprocess Americas, Zund America—in cooperation with Mind Technology—is presenting software solutions for every phase of production centered around Zünd high-performance digital cutting systems geared towards maximum efficiency.

There are many ways to optimize production and make it more efficient and profitable. Zünd, the Swiss digital cutting-system manufacturer, offers a variety of automation solutions designed specifically for digital textile and leather cutting, many of which the company will be presenting at Texprocess, Booth 1101. These solutions help automate and standardize file preparation and also support production monitoring and analysis, control the cutting process, and facilitate the removal of cut parts, as well as simplify logistics.

Intelligently automated production offers enormous opportunity for savings and helps eliminate potential sources of error. This is one of many insights attendees will gain from learning about Zünd and Mind workflow solutions at Texprocess. The modular Mind software suite contains all essential functions for every phase of leather and textile processing. It can reliably detect patterns, compensate for material distortions, and nest parts for maximum material yield. In view of the rising cost of materials, maximum utilization is an essential component of a productive and profitable workflow. In addition, the software also offers flexible options for pattern matching, no matter whether the fabric is striped, checkered, or digitally printed.

For efficient removal, the operator must be able to quickly and clearly identify cut parts. Projected color coding and parts information are a great way to facilitate identifying and sorting parts. With projection and monitor displays serving as visual aids, cutting & kitting processes becomes easy, quick, and reliable.

Zünd expertly combines digital cutting technology with state-of-the-art tooling and intelligent optical systems into complete, high-performance turnkey systems. The user retains maximum flexibility in terms of suitable cutting workflows, choice of materials, and best processing methods.

Zünd cutting systems are an integral part of a complete digital production workflow that allows garment and upholstery manufacturers to automate their production processes and simultaneously optimize the data flow. This results in significantly greater throughput, reduced error rates and production costs, which in turn enables much greater competitiveness. The audience in Atlanta will be able to see a Zünd S3 L-1600 in action complete with cradle feeder and tooling for cutting a variety of materials.

This press release was issued April 22, 2022. Zund America is a member of SPESA.

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