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Los Angeles
2024 SPESA Advancements in 
Manufacturing Technologies Conference
Los Angeles | April 11, 2024

Registered Attendees

See who attended the 2024 SPESA Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference in Los Angeles. 

Brian Alhanati, VP, CustomFab USA

Scott Allen, Automation Consultant, Autometrix

Daniella Ambrogi, Global Sr. Marketing Director, CGS BlueCherry

Mariano Amezcua, President, KARL MAYER North America

Johnnie Avila, Business Development Manager, Informa Markets Fashion

William Anderson, Prison Industries Manager, California Prison Industry Authority

Marty Bailey, President of Manufacturing, US Standard Apparel

Nayantara Banerjee, Workforce Development Manager, Garment Worker Center

Christian Birky, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, ISAIC

Lorenzo Booth, Graduate Student Researcher, University of California, Merced

Charles Bromberg, Regional Sales - Fabric & Industrial, Zünd America Inc.

Corinne Brothers, Designer, Rule Design & Development

Roger Cadman, Senior Director Operations, Merrow Superior LLC

Helen Campbell, Planning Director, City of Los Angeles, Council District 1

Ambar Campos, Executive Director, Apparel Industry Board Inc.

Stephanie Choi, CEO, Rewilder

Jill Coleman, Sales & Education Manager, Prairie Wear

Jonathan Coleman, Communications Manager, Garment Worker Center

Ruth Cooper, Superintendent II, California Prison Industry Authority

Savannah Crawford, Chief Collaborator, Tukatech

Dorothy Crouch, Reporter, California Apparel News

Alba Cruz, Corporate Engineering Manager, Garan Inc.

Marie D'Avignon, Vice President of Operations, SPESA

Roberto De Almeida, Business Development Director Fashion, Lectra

Kenneth Dong, President, China Feiyue USA Inc.

Bert Feinberg, Vice President, Frontier Distributors/Phillocraft

Ingrid Fitzgerald, Account Manager, Fashion, Lectra

Eddie Flores, President, Linesman Clothing Inc.

Garrett Gerson, Founder & CEO, Variant3D

Alexander Geyman, Editor-In-Chief/Publisher, Focus On Fashion Retail/Focus On Shoes Magazines

Chris Gilmartin, Operations & Sales Manager, Pathfinder Cutting Technology LLC

Josh Goldberg, Vice President Sales, Way Out West, Inc.

Ross Goldberg, Vice President Operations, Way Out West, Inc.

Daisy Gonzalez, Campaigns Director, Garment Worker Center

Elaine Greiner, Technical Designer, The Chicago Pattern Maker

Edward Gribbin, CEO, Gribbin Strategic LLC

Juliana Grigg, Student, University of San Diego

Jen Guarino, President and CEO, ISAIC

SK Gupta, Smith International Professor, University of Southern California School of Engineering; Director, USC Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Kyle Hale, Operations Manager, Uniform Technology

Reena Hallberg, Lifestyle Editor, International News Services (UK)

Laura Harkness, Customer Success Manager, Lectra

Mark Hatton, Managing Director- Americas, A&E/Elevate Textiles

Frank Henderson, CEO, Henderson Sewing Machine Co.

Mike Hennessy, Sales Director, SOURCING at MAGIC

Xochil Herrera Scheer, President, The Chicago Pattern Maker

Justin Hershoran, Senior Solutions Architect, Aptean

Raymond Hwang, President, Unity Clothing Co.

Lindsey Hynek, Marketing Manager, Americas, Fashion & Industrial, Lectra

Lynne Kasch, Senior Account Executive and Creative Media Manager, California Apparel News

Jerker Krabbe, CEO, Eton Systems

Kit Kwok, Vice President - TUKAweb, Tukatech

Eric Lee, Executive Director, Americas, Alvanon

Dana Leung, TheMALL Channel

Bill Mahaffey, Director of Manufacturing, Pleneri

Brent Mahaffey, Manufacturing Manager, Pleneri

Terry Martinez, CEO, California Apparel News

Shannon McCarthy, Head of Business Development - Americas, Datatex

Maggie McDonald, Vice President of Communications, SPESA

Michael McDonald, President, SPESA

Anthony Mele, Regional Account Director, Aptean

Ilse Metchek, President, California Fashion Association

Billy Metscher, Management Consultant, JP Sportswear

William Metscher, President, JP Sportswear

Paul Minestrella, Vice President Sales & Marketing, STC-QST

Ramón Molano, Sales Account Manager, Merrow Superior LLC

Ethan Motter, Director of Supply Chain, Lion

Kate Nishimura, Senior News & Features Editor, Sourcing Journal

Thomas Oviedo, Sales Manager, Carr Textile Corp

Albert Paley, Apparel Global Accounts Technical Services Manager North America, Coats

Tirsa Parrish, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Fashion Index

Taylor Pask, Development Manager, Occidental Leather

Pam Peale, VP of Global Sales & U.S. PLM Operations, DeSL

Truy Pham, Director of Sales, Autometrix

Cindy Phan, Customer Success Manager, Lectra

Ketty Pillet, VP Marketing, Lectra

Virginia Postrel, Author & Contributing Editor, Works in Progress

Michael Rabin, Sales Director of the Americas, Morgan Tecnica Spa

John Robinson, Senior Strategic Account Manager, Aptean

Zoe Rosenberg, Textile Technologist, DEVCOM Soldier Center

Roberto Rossetti, Sales Network Manager, OROX GROUP SRL

Ram Sareen, CEO, Tukatech

Christopher Shepherd, Account Executive, CGS BlueCherry

Sven Sorbo, Sales & Marketing Manager, Eton Systems

Kyle Stephens, Managing Director, KolAi Denim

Sandra Rodriguez Tellez, Managing Director Morgan Tecnica America, Morgan Tecnica Spa

Guadalupe Tlatenchi, Founder/CEO, GTLA Apparel Development Inc.

Nancy Torres, Chief Operations Officer, SCORE Sports

Chris Walia, CEO, Savleena Fashion Consulting

Dana Weinstein, CEO, Vector Apparel Projects

Aliza Wheeler, Product Director, Occidental Leather

Kate Young, Technical Lead-Future Technology Integration, U.S. Army, DEVCOM-Soldier Center

Yan Zhao, Production Manager, SCORE Sports

Jonathan Zornow, Founder, Sewbo

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