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6 Innovative Ways To Green the Fashion Industry


Fashion is one of the least sustainable and most polluting industries.

Apparel manufacturing consumes vast amounts of water and causes up to 10 percent of global carbon emissions due to energy-intensive production and shipping.

And every year, about 13 million tons of unsold apparel are landfilled or incinerated.cao

As individuals, there are fashion choices we can make to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

But making the industry more sustainable and less polluting is a big challenge. New technologies, some of them invented in Israel, are forging a greener path forward for fashion designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Here are some of the most promising ones below.

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Digitizing Uniform Production

Optitex, a multinational Electronics For Imaging company headquartered in Rosh Ha’ayin, is known for its digital patternmaking and 3D design software solutions for the uniform and workwear industry.

Digitalizing uniform production for sustainability enhances speed, efficiency and fit, while reducing waste and costs. 

Optitex won an award at the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide 2023 Awards for innovation in personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing.

“Optitex’s end-to-end software enables protective clothing makers to digitally design, virtually test fits, and optimize manufacturing. Their tools have developed high-performing, comfortable gear for military, law enforcement and hazard protection. With unmatched digital patternmaking and lifelike garment simulation, Optitex provides an integrated solution for protective clothing design to production, making them an innovation leader,” the PCIAW judges said.

Amir Lehr, Optitex CEO, said: “This accolade is a testament of our commitment to the PPE industry, and our keen understanding of professional uniforms, which beyond a fashion statement, demand functionality and precise fit.”

Optitex recently released its newest digital collection of YKK zippers, buckles and cord stoppers for designers to use in virtual samples of apparel, tactical wear, tech textiles and backpacks. The actual fasteners, which are difficult to recycle or upcycle, are used only in final products. 

This article was published February 13, 2024. Optitex is a member of SPESA.

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