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CAMX 2022 Exhibit Preview: Autometrix Inc.

By Composites World

Autometrix unveils its software “trifecta” for managing the nesting and cutting of large numbers of plies in composite products more effectively — PatternSmith, Forge and Workflow.

Managing the nesting and cutting of large numbers of plies in composite products can be a challenging process, according to Autometrix Inc. (Grass Valley, Calif., U.S.). The cost of material is high and, therefore, minimizing waste and increasing efficiency of the entire process is paramount to the success of any business that deals with this process. Autometrix’s suite of software tools — what it calls the “software trifecta” — are said to make the entire process seamless, precise and easy.

At the heart of Autometrix’s family of software tools is the PatternSmith. Featuring pattern drafting, editing and machine control capabilities, PatternSmith is said to make the entire process, from creating patterns to precision cutting, simple.

The company also showcases Forge to better manage fiber direction in the ply-cutting, layout and nesting processes. The computer-calculated nesting is said to be able to drastically reduce costs by minimizing time spent, maximizing material use and eliminating errors. Forge also helps nest patterns more tightly together, Autometrix notes.

Tying it all together, WorkFlow is a new software created by Autometrix that simplifies and speeds up the production of large numbers of customized products. Typically, once orders are received by a manufacturer, significant time is spent interpreting that order for the cutting room. Workflow automates this unproductive and expensive process, acting as an invisible cutting room manager and production planner.

According to Autometrix, even the most cutting-edge hardware will not be able to solve one’s manufacturing problems without the right software.

This article was published in Composites World August 23, 2022. Autometrix is a SPESA member.

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