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Chatting Workforce Development with Molly Rammel-Puckett - Part 1 (Video)


SPESA President Michael McDonald recently sat down (virtually) with Molly Rammel-Puckett, Vice President, PMO & Consulting at SPESA member CGS to discuss workforce development, employee retention, and the role of consultants in the sewn products industry. Check out the videos below to hear what Molly had to say!


What does workforce development mean to you?

Please tell our subscribers a little about your company, your current role, and the career path that led you there.

Where do you fit in the supply chain?

What is the role of a consultant when it comes to workforce development?

What kinds of challenges do you help companies address?

How do you approach changing the management culture? And how do you help employee retention?

Are there any tips or tricks you have learned in your career that a company can implement to add enthusiasm or value to employee training?

Watch Part 2 to learn about industry trends, diversity in the workforce, and what’s next for sewn products.


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