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Chatting Workforce Development with Molly Rammel-Puckett - Part 2 (Video)


Scroll down to hear the second part of SPESA President Michael McDonald's recent interview with Molly Rammel-Puckett, Vice President, PMO & Consulting at CGS, a SPESA member. You can watch the first part here.


How do you choose the right technology partner?

Name the top reasons companies choose CGS.

Where does CGS add the most value?

How do you assemble an implementation team?

How do you prepare your team for change?

Tell us how training plays into the culture at CGS.

What do you hope the next generation of the industry looks like?

You mentioned three disruptions. What are those? And how did they shape the industry?

Hypothetical question. You’re just entering the industry. I give you a magic wand and you can choose the perfect employer. What does that employer look like?

Thanks for tuning in! Learn more about CGS here.


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