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AMANN Group Delegation Meets BGMEA President

By Textile Focus

On July 30, a significant meeting took place between a delegation from AMANN Group, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality sewing threads, and the BGMEA President, Faruque Hassan. The delegation, led by Florian Seiberlich, Director Global Marketing of AMANN Group, along with Kai Timpe, General Manager of Sales of ColorDigital, met to discuss the future of the textile product creation and realization process across the entire supply chain.

AMANN Group, with its rich history dating back to 1854, has been at the forefront of providing top-notch sewing threads, embroidery threads, and Smart Yarns globally. With over 2,600 dedicated employees in more than 100 countries, AMANN Group continuously works to deliver success.

The focus of the meeting was on the digital transformation of the textile industry, and the delegation from ColorDigital presented their innovative DMIx service, which encompasses digital color technology, 3D technology, standardized Master Data exchange, and high-quality rendered images with digital avatars. This forward-thinking solution aims to revolutionize color matching, seam simulation, and overall efficiency in the textile sector.

AMANN Group demonstrated its commitment to leveraging digital technology to benefit its customers, offering a user-friendly digital interface for the color-matching process. Through customized DMIx features, such as color measuring and matching, AMANN aims to provide a seamless experience for its clients, while their global color database ensures quick access to the latest color information.

During the meeting, various critical topics related to the RMG (Readymade Garment) industry were discussed. BGMEA President Faruque Hassan highlighted the industry’s efforts to embrace product diversification, ensuring sustainable growth. Bangladeshi garment factories are proactively investing in technology upgradation to enhance productivity and efficiency, reflecting their dedication to staying competitive in the global market.

The VP of BGMEA, Md. Shahidullah Azim, shed light on the current state of the global apparel market and shared the organization’s ongoing and future projects. He proudly presented the BGMEA Innovation Centre’s facilities, including the future lab, library, medical, and daycare center, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to innovation and welfare.

Addressing the delegation, Rokon Zaman, Managing Director of AMANN Bangladesh, expressed the group’s continuous interest in the strong-growing Bangladeshi market. He mentioned the plans to invest in a second factory in Chittagong, with a timeline dependent on the global economic development. Florian Seiberlich, Director Global Marketing of AMANN Group, echoed these sentiments, further reinforcing their commitment to the region.

This meeting signifies a significant step towards driving digital transformation in Bangladesh’s garment industry. The collaboration between AMANN Group and BGMEA holds the potential to revolutionize the sector, foster sustainable growth, and enhance the country’s position in the global textile market. With their innovative solutions and dedication, both parties are paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for the entire RMG industry in Bangladesh.

This article was published in Textile Focus July 31 2023. Amann USA is a member of SPESA.

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