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ICYMI: Superior Sewing Launches New Webinar Series

Superior Sewing Machine & Supply, LLC has launched a new webinar series to demonstrate how using the correct motors, knives, and hooks can boost manufacturing productivity.

Each installment of this monthly series features an expert speaker highlighting a specific line of tools and sharing interesting ideas on how they can be utilized to help grow your business and make you money.

For the second session (October 21, 2021 at 3 p.m. ET), Armando Lee of Superior Sewing will be speaking with Michael Castner, the Vice President of Sales for Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions, manufacturers of Wilson blades.

Superior Sewing recognizes the value of strong vendors such as Hyde and wants to bring to the market innovative ways to help customers expand their product lines, identify new opportunities, and reach out to a larger audience. Superior Sewing, in partnership with Hyde blades, will show the competitive advantages of Wilson blades and demonstrate the most relevant facts so their customers have enough arguments to sell these blades and make more money.

The webinar hosts will explain in detail why Wilson is the best blade in the market. They will develop a case to make sure customers understand the value added by Wilson blades, how to overcome common issues when dealing with other blades in the market, and additional technical information that is very useful when selling a top-quality product.

Behind the Seams readers are invited to join Superior Sewing for a very fresh and informative conversation. The company promises to give you some cool facts, technical information, and exclusive promotions to be advertised at the end of the conversation.

You can register for the October 21 webinar here.

The next webinar in the series will be on November 11, 2021, and focus on hooks and bobbin cases.

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