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Duerkopp Adler Unveils Advantages of its New Modular System DA 550-D800

By Apparel Resources

Duerkopp Adler, a renowned German sewing technology provider, has unveiled advantages the industry can get using its new modular system for documented sewing – DA 550-D800.

In a newsletter sent to the industry, the company says the new DA 550-D800 series based on the M-TYPE DELTA platform sets new standards for safe and documented sewing.

The modular concept enables a specific configuration of documentation-capable workstations – individually adapted to the factories’ respective application.

Further highlighting the advantages, Duerkopp Adler informed the factories have an upper hand as it is equipped with the modular building block system for a specific configuration in terms of the design of the sewing machine head, PokaYoke features and scanner systems.

PokaYoke features enable a significant increase in process reliability as well as the monitoring and documentation of sewing processes, as per the German sewing bigwig.

Further, the precise electronic adjustment elements result in obtaining efficient and reproducible sewing results. “Expansion has become possible to a fully digitised sewing system through simple connection to QONDAC or existing production systems using integrated and adaptive interfaces,” concluded Duerkopp Adler.

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