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E-CON: A Big Step Towards a More Sustainable Future

Press Release

Dürkopp Adler, as a leading manufacturer of trendsetting, innovative sewing technology, is taking a groundbreaking step towards a more sustainable future. Considering the fact that the textile industry is responsible for a significant portion of global CO₂ emissions today, sustainable action and long-term thinking along the value chain are essential to minimize the negative impact on our environment.

Under the new brand "e-con", Dürkopp Adler launches a pioneering initiative that combines state-of-the-art industrial sewing technology with environmentally friendly solutions. With the introduction of the M-TYPE DELTA e-con, the company is now taking the first fundamental milestone towards sustainability. The latest model of the advanced and digitized DELTA series impressively proves that, to archive this, there is no need to compromise on performance:

The M-TYPE DELTA e-con offers a 25 % energy saving compared to other digital sewing machines with the same performance output and with improved sewing results. Thus, innovation pays off, not only for the environment, but also for one’s own economic interest.

"We are proud to present the M-TYPE DELTA e-con", says Dietrich Eickhoff, CEO of Dürkopp Adler Group. "As an innovative leader in the industry, we take our responsibility to provide modern and future-oriented technologies. We have therefore set ourselves the goal to prove that sustainability is compatible with high performance and economic efficiency. e-con and DELTA are a first step towards this necessary transformation and to a sustainable future in the sewing industry.”

With the introduction of the M-TYPE DELTA e-con Dürkopp Adler is sending a strong message for a more sustainable textile industry. And this is only the beginning: further sustainable e-con solutions have already been announced.

This press release was issued March 16, 2023. DAP America, Inc. is a member of SPESA.

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