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Establishing a Capability Expert/Resource List

By SourceAmerica

SPESA member SourceAmerica is a Central Non-Profit Agency supporting the Ability One Program. The organization is looking to establish a Capability Expert/Resource List of companies and individuals who would consider providing services to SourceAmerica affiliated Non-Profit Agencies (NPAs) located across the United States. These NPAs produce numerous types of products under the Ability One Program for the United States Department of Defense, along with other numerous Federal Procurement Agencies.

This Resource List would be made available to interested NPAs who are looking for expertise in improving, streamlining, or eliminating non-value-added activities within all aspects of their organizations. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: administrative services, production management, production support, facilities, transportation, and information technology.

Interested individuals or organizations who would like to be considered for this Resource List, will be evaluated for inclusion by SourceAmerica. Once a Resource Listing is selected, member listing and areas of expertise will be made available to the NPAs. Any relationship for services will strictly be between members of the Resource List and the NPA. SourceAmerica is only providing this Resource List to its affiliated NPAs and will not be involved in any negotiations of services, nor cost structure of such services.

Should any support of a Resource List member and the NPA be agreed upon, SourceAmerica will follow up with the NPA regarding its level of satisfaction of the service provided. It should be noted that Resource List members can be dismissed and eliminated from the Resource List, based upon satisfaction on the NPA. SourceAmerica will make this determination.

Interested parties should email their company contact information to Tony Soeka at A formal checklist of areas of organizational support will then be provided to narrow down these areas of potential support for Resource List member consideration.

To learn more about SourceAmerica you can visit

To get an idea of what SourceAmerica’s NPAs produce for the Ability One Program, you can take a look at the Department of Defense producers below.

SPESA members are encouraged to email news and releases to or to be featured under Member Spotlights.


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