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Eton Introduces ‘Opta System’ to Help Garment Factories with New Generation Conveyor Technology

By Apparel Resources

Eton Systems a leading material handling system provider has introduced Opta System that claims to help businesses in the fashion industry to become more efficient and profitable.

Launched in January 2021, the Opta System is said to be making quantum leap in the industry after it was implemented by a high-quality shirt factory in Gånghester, Sweden the first client for Opta System.

According to Eton Systems, producing garments for a fast-moving consumer market requires short throughput times and low cost of quality to maintain profitability.

“We help Garment producers shift from a traditional and inefficient bundle system to a Unit Production System (UPS). With the Opta System, all garment productions are able to benefit from the UPS,” informed Eton Systems.

The most important factor to keep high efficiency in garment production is to keep the needle moving and, with Opta, all components are sequenced automatically to each work station presented directly to the operator so that needle time does not reduce.

The company has added more station types and optimised software in the new system. With three kinds of stations, supporting dual transporting rails; connecting bridges between lines and buffer stations, Opta claims to give even greater flexibility for future extension while maintaining the high quality.

Furthermore, the flexibility in modular construction gives the manufacturers a cost-effective way to provide a tailored solution for their business, as stated by Eton Systems.

This article was published in Apparel Resources July 15, 2021. Eton Systems Inc. is a SPESA member.

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