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Exenta™ Launches Powerful New Shop Floor Control™ Interface

Exenta's latest release of Exenta Shop Floor Control™ is the most extensive in the solution’s lifespan and unquestionably makes Exenta Shop Floor Control™ the most modern manufacturing execution system available today with an adaptive, visually pleasing UI, Daily Targets tracking, Management Dashboards and a Seasonal Planning tool.

Exenta, Inc., creator of the most powerful end-to-end ERP, PLM, Innovation Lifecycle Management and Shop Floor (MES) solutions to support the apparel and soft goods industries, announced today the release of a new user interface (UI) for its Shop Floor Control (SFC) solution. This release, the most extensive in the solution’s lifespan, unquestionably makes Exenta Shop Floor Control™ the most modern manufacturing execution system available today. When approaching this system overhaul, Exenta looked closely at its PLM, ERP, and other solutions as frames of reference, creating a user interface experience that is consistent across all systems and bringing further cohesion to the full Exenta supply chain suite.

“In our industry, many companies have retreated somewhat as the pandemic surged and its ripple effects were felt through the fashion and sewn goods supply chain. I’m very proud to say that at Exenta, we forged onward and accelerated development of our new SFC user interface, knowing that the enhancements it delivers would be a much needed productivity boost for our current and future clients in this uncertain business climate,” said Roberto Mangual, CEO of Exenta.

Most notably, the new UI is more intuitive, visually pleasing, incorporating colors and graphics that create a better user experience. Accessed via an Android™ tablet like the previous version, the new UI allows for more graphical representations of data, supporting charts that illustrate percentages, timers, pacing tools, and more, further enhancing the user experience. The new interface is also adaptive, adjusting to a variety of display sizes, and is designed to be even easier for new and existing users to adopt and shrinking the operator application learning curve to near zero. Other app enhancements include the ability to customize the tablet display, reducing clutter and further contributing to ease of use for operators. The addition of user and account role functionality gives management greater control over access to information within teams and across departments, resulting in a solution that exceeds industry expectations straight out of the box, but also provides customization capabilities that support an even greater user experience and efficiency.

Exenta’s new SFC solution also delivers management dashboards and a live production screen, “Daily Targets”. These new analytics allow users to get an instant snapshot of their business for that specific date and time, granting organizations a powerful overview of their situation, status, and productivity. With multiple KPI’s present within a view, users will have a greater understanding of their progress and performance than ever before. “Daily Targets” screens show a live feed of units produced and a department line for direct comparison between how many units were made compared to target goals. The new app makes it much easier for operators and managers to see and understand progress toward goals; everything that the user needs to know to be productive is in front of them.

Finally, Exenta is excited to announce its new Seasonal Planning tool within Shop Floor Control. This tool allows the planning of large orders to be projected and managed further out on the calendar, and with much less difficulty than traditional methods. Seasonal Planning empowers manufacturers to strategically plan at the corporate level for the delivery of key, larger volume contracts and will be invaluable to those meeting orders from government entities or larger retail chains. Exenta’s Seasonal Planning tool is unique to the industry and will be a powerful asset to schedule future projects based on project capacity at specific factories, and also to capitalize on the strengths of performance from one factory to another. Being able to maximize resources, and to plan to do so further in advance, helps manufacturers meet delivery goals and ensure quality and consistency for their customers.

Exenta’s newest release of Shop Floor Control fortifies the company’s position as the most modern, end-to-end solution to support the fashion and sewn goods industries. “For brands and manufacturers in our industry, there is no other solution that can match what we deliver, both in terms of the sheer power of our solutions and also the exceptional abilities of the team that stands behind them,” concluded Mr. Mangual.


Exenta is the pioneer in global, cutting-edge, transformative ERP, PLM REVO™ , Innovation Hub™ and Shop Floor Control solutions designed specifically for the fashion, apparel, footwear, accessory and home goods industries. Exenta is positioned to be a single solution partner for brands and manufacturers in every stage of business maturity and can support multiple languages and currencies. Exenta delivers high touch, 24/7 service to over 40,000 happy users of our solutions in 14 countries around the globe.

Engineered and developed by a team of experts in the fashion, apparel and manufacturing industries, Exenta offers deep domain expertise in design, sales, production, sourcing, warehouse management, Shopfloor, EDI, omnichannel and finance. With implementation support that continues long after the go-live date, Exenta continually shares best practices developed over years of experience and works with clients to adopt change and increase accuracy and efficiency, both through the use of Exenta solutions and in processes that go beyond the software to improve and accelerate operations. To learn more visit

A press release from Exenta, published August 27, 2020. Exenta is a SPESA member.

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