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Implement Industrial Communication with Eastman’s OPC UA Server

Press Release

Eastman Machine Company announces addition of the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) server to its catalog of software applications. The OPC UA server will facilitate intelligent networking between equipment in a production environment and is compatible with Eastman’s S135 low-ply static, C135 low-ply conveyor, and Talon multi-ply cutting machines.

The OPC UA server creates a framework for industrial interoperability. It communicates with cutPRO to provide analytics and to synchronize equipment through remote procedure calls (RPC). Users can monitor and export real-time data regarding tool usage, job runtime, motor position and accuracy, material usage, program uptime, and even the status of various IO nodes on the Eastman.

The separate software application creates a common language among equipment and provides full-scale automation to the cutting room. Over 60 machine processes can be automated through the OPC UA server; including move, cut, pause, and next. As an important instrument for the implementation of Industry 4.0, the OPC UA server is an ideal choice for manufacturers working with technical material in industries like aerospace, fashion, infrastructure, glass laminates, and automotive.

Eastman has been manufacturing manually-operated cutting machines, automated CNC cutting systems, CAD/CAM software programs, and material handling equipment in Buffalo, NY since 1888. The company is committed to manufacturing industrial solutions proven to be simpler to operate, less expensive to maintain, and built custom to customers’ needs. For more information, visit

This press release was issued February 15, 2022. Eastman Machine Company is a SPESA member.

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