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Introducing the Newest Alvanon Standard: North America Women

Member Announcement

Alvanon is proud to introduce the newest Alvanon fit standard: North America Women. This standard represents the actual size, shape, and stature of women in North America today.

Join Alvanon consultants, Don Howard and Emily Robertson-Hood, for a live webinar where they'll introduce this new standard and discuss the methodology behind the development of this series.

This standard rounds out the full catalog of sizing standards for North American populations including Men, Women, and Children.

The North America Women standard includes five size ranges:

  • Natural & Natural Plus (The Natural sizing standard represents the more commercially traditional forms.)

  • Bold Curve & Bold Curve Plus (The Bold Curve presents a curvier form that aims to provide more inclusive sizing options for previously under-served demographics).

  • Athletic (The Athletic size range represents a more sculpted form and sizing standard geared towards traditionally high fashion brands).

The live webinar will take place June 15, 2022 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Register here.

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