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Juki Technosolutions Corporation Launches its First Jointly Developed Product ‘PLK-J Series’

Press Release

Juki Technosolutions Corporation, established in July 2022 after the merger of the non-apparel divisions of Juki Corporation and Meiryo Technica Corporation which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, has launched an inaugural product line ‘PLK-J series’ of Computer-controlled Cycle Sewing Machines.

The series features an input function and represents the collaborative effort of engineers from both merging entities. Released last month in October in Japan and international markets, these machines were developed by incorporating Juki’s Automatic Bobbin Thread Wind-and-Feed Device (AW-3SD) into a former flagship product of Meiryo Technica.

The computer-controlled Cycle Sewing Machines automatically execute programmed patterns through the machine panel, offering high penetrating power when sewing rigid, heavy-weight fabrics like seatbelts, safety belts, and bags. Quality is further enhanced by a digital tensioning system, ensuring optimal tension for different patterns.

The Automatic Bobbin Thread Wind-and-Feed Device is designed to change the bobbin before it runs out, preventing defects caused by operator oversight. Specifically modified for use with the PLK-J series and based on Juki’s retrofittable AW-3S unit product, the AW-3SD allows operators to focus on their work without concerns about bobbin thread shortages, as it is automatically wound during the sewing process. Additionally, the incorporation of two bobbin cases contributes to improved quality by facilitating thread tension control.

Looking ahead, Juki Technosolutions Corporation is committed to the ongoing integration of JUKI and Meiryo Technica technologies. The company aims to develop innovative products for customers in the automotive, bag, and furniture industries, ushering in a new era of advanced and intelligent solutions.

This article was published in Apparel Resources November 18, 2023. Juki America is a SPESA member.

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