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Meeting the Need: SourceAmerica Provides PPE to Network

By SourceAmerica

After the resounding success of the launch of its Personal Protective Equipment grant earlier this year, SourceAmerica® has announced a second round of available PPE.

In February 2021, the organization released the SourceAmerica Personal Protective Equipment Grant Program for more than 400 eligible nonprofit agencies in its network. The grant continues to support the health and safety of the network’s employee base by allowing nonprofits to apply for up to $5000 worth of PPE. Products consist of rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, disposable surgical masks and KN95 masks.

Nonprofits which already received PPE may now apply for an additional $5000 of products to help support the safety of the people that they employ. The program is open to nonprofits in the SourceAmerica network which support AbilityOne® contracts. The AbilityOne Program is one of the nation’s largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities.

SourceAmerica Senior Director for Procurement and Administration George Santoro was tasked with managing the process. Together with SourceAmerica Facilities Management Subject Matter Expert Steve Balenger, the two oversee the day-to-day operations. “SourceAmerica has been able to support network nonprofit agencies in a number of ways over the years,” said Santoro. “I think that being able to provide PPE to nonprofits and their employees who need it is a phenomenal way to enhance this support.”

Packaging and shipping nearly $1 million in PPE to hundreds of locations around the country is a monumental effort. Two nonprofits in the SourceAmerica network VersAbility Resources in Virginia, and North Bay Rehabilitation Services in California stepped up to back the project. Both organizations have the capacity and staff to store and ship large quantities of PPE.

Kimberly Newton-Threat diligently fulfills orders across the eastern U.S. in support of the program for VersAbility. “When the grant kicked off in February, the demand was very strong from the nonprofit agencies,” she said. “The second round will keep us busy for the foreseeable future.”

North Bay supports and delivers all orders in the western U.S. “We had the capacity to handle the logistics for the PPE grant program, and were happy to take on the responsibility,” said CEO Robert Hutt. “It really is a good and rewarding role to fill.”

Both agencies stood up on-site distribution centers, which received PPE directly through freight shipments. These shipments were often massive up to 26 pallets with potentially thousands of pounds of PPE in each. With round two of the grant underway, the teams at VersAbility and North Bay unpack the pallets, complete a full inventory check, and ultimately process and ship orders to the nonprofits in their defined territories.

“It’s been an exciting project to be involved in,” Balenger added. “Setting up the distribution process and oversight with VersAbility and North Bay was key to this project. Both agencies have excellent capabilities and staff to support the program.”

“Working with Steve and the SourceAmerica team has been fantastic. He definitely keeps us on our toes,” said Newton-Threat. “We have a lot of confidence working with him and we will be a part of this project as long as it takes.”

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