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Optitex Announces the Release of Optitex O/21.4

Company Announcement

Optitex is pleased to announce the release of Optitex O/21.4 — with direct connectivity from PDS to Centric 8 PLM, quick translation of piece names via custom dictionaries, and lots more!

Feature-rich Optitex O/21.4 gives you all the tools you need to create even more accurate and exquisite renders, power your processes, and boost communication with your suppliers, for quality and consistency on every job.


O/Cloud (V 2.3)

  • New 3D Viewer for glTF/GLB files, with support for 3DDI, PDS, and third-party GLB files

  • Fully revamped upload process from PDS and 3DDI

  • Enhanced user management to simplify finding users in long user lists

  • Improved user comments tracking with more timestamp info

Revamped upload process from PDS/3DDI, and a new 3D Viewer for glTF/GLB files


  • Piece Name translation – Automatic translation in any language with custom dictionaries

  • Enhanced Upholstery workflow support – Faster and easier style sets/pieces sorting ​

  • Improved DXF file support – Instantly open/view thousands of perforated materials

  • Smoother import of Lectra .mdl files (via Converter)​ – Symmetrical pieces and Quality Zones

  • Full support of Boundary Validation Curves in ASTM export​

  • Material Export Code now available for configuration in Leather AAMA export​

Improved DXF file support – Instantly open/view thousands of perforated materials


  • Enhanced Centric 8 PLM integration phase 1: upload style + tech pack + colorways + tension maps​ (requires O/Cloud license)

  • Improved fit – New tension map for compression garments for detailed fit analysis in super-stretched areas

  • Elastic rubber bands measured with the FTU and now added to the physical fabric library

  • New materials added to Optitex Asset Portal:

    • Selection of new Rigid materials – metals, glass, wood, and plastic​

    • New Automotive and Denim materials

    • Enhanced hair and skin avatar materials

  • Improved photorealistic rendering – Better quality results and accelerate rendering time ​

Fit analysis for compression garments in super-stretched areas

Enhanced Centric 8 PLM integration

New materials added to Optitex Asset Portal

There’s more! With Optitex O/21.4, you’ll also enjoy these version enhancements:

  • Marker – Improvements to buffer definition

  • General – Simplification of license activation and bug fixes

This announcement was originally posted on the Optitex website. Optitex is a member of SPESA.

SPESA members are encouraged to email news and releases to or to be featured under Member Spotlights.


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