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Richpeace Introduces Automatic Folding and Packing Machine for PPE Suits and Isolation Gowns

By Apparel Resources

Richpeace a leading Chinese technology company for apparel and textile industry has introduced a machine for automatic folding and packaging of protective apparels and body coveralls.

As pandemic shows no sign of complete disappearance, medical industry is still procuring PPE suits, isolation gowns and body coveralls to safeguard its frontline workers.

What causes a hindrance is longer lead time and Richpeace’s new technology aims at increasing speed to market of these key products.

The automatic folding and packing machine works on a 7-step process that follows this sequence – 1) flat placement of isolation gown (manually) on the machine bed; 2) automatic pressing by two sticks from middle; 3) automatic folding of right and left panels of gown to middle; 4) automatic bottom-up folding; 5) automatic folding (twice) into block; 6) automatically placing of gown into bag and 7) automatic sealing of bag opening.

According to the company, the length and width of the folded clothing can be adjusted and set arbitrarily within the allowable value range. Machine can automatically calculate the number of completed pieces and set multiple alarm functions.

It’s worth mentioning here that packaging speed of the machine ranges between 400 pcs and 600 pcs per hour and one machine with one worker can pack approximately 4,000 pcs per day.

This article was published in Apparel Resources August 4, 2021. Richpeace (TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED) is a SPESA member.

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