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Shimmy Technologies Trains RMG Workers to Adapt to Automation

The Business Standard

Shimmy Technologies, a New York-based industrial EdTech company has trained over 6,000 workers from various readymade garment (RMG) factories and technical training centres in the country in the last seven years.

To mark this milestone, Shimmy Technologies recently organised an event at a hotel in Dhaka, according to a press release on Wednesday, December 13.

Shimmy's Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sarah Krasley, Director of Operations Ashley Nichols, Bangladesh Business Development Lead Shahriyar Hasan, and Head of Training and Field Operations Rudro Rahman were present on the occasion. 

Sarah Krasley, said, "We have developed Upskill, our video game-based application, with structured 4-hour training sessions that help sewing machine operators gain the technical skills they need to stay relevant as automation changes the nature of production work. Since 2018, we have been providing training to workers in various RMG factories in Bangladesh.

"To date, Shimmy has successfully trained 6,000 workers, with 90% of them has expressed satisfaction with the training, stating that they have gained valuable knowledge and even shared this with their colleagues."

She also highlighted that 78% of apparel workers trained by Shimmy felt they could confidently operate the new automated machinery.

Sarah stated, "The employees we have trained are effectively adapting to evolving technology by acquiring essential skills."

In a response to a query from The Business Standard, Shahriyar Hasan, Bangladesh Business Development Lead at Shimmy Technologies, said these workers are working in multiple factories including Creative Collection Ltd (Hameem Group), Liz Fashion Ltd, Iris Fabrics Ltd, Crown Fashion, AKH Group etc.

He said this training depends on the number of trainees, each of the training sessions were 4-hour long.

This announcement was issued December 13, 2023. Shimmy Technologies is a SPESA member.

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