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Swiss Manufacturer Zund Launches Cradle Feeder 100

By Fibre2Fashion

Zund, a manufacturer of digital cutting systems, has announced that with further development, the new cradle feeder 100 now offers even more functions and is smarter than ever. The cradle feeder 100 comes with an integrated cut-off system, intelligent controls, and smart roll-off feature taking textile cutting to new levels of productivity and automation.

According to the company, just like its highly successful predecessor, which was introduced in 2017, the cradle feeder 100 is capable of advancing stretch fabrics from rolls completely without tension and resulting distortions. The integrated unwind-control system continuously monitors the rate in which the material is fed onto the cutter and manages that process with even greater precision than the previous model.

“At the heart of the technological advances that come with new feeder is the optional integrated cut-off feature. It slices through the material at the end of a marker even while the cutter is still busy cutting. This makes it possible to switch rolls and prepare for the next job without interrupting the production process. Especially for users who frequently need to process short markers, this translates into significant time-savings in job preparation and setup. The cut-off function can be initiated manually by the user or set to occur automatically in the cutter software,” the company stated in a press release.

“The control panel has also undergone further development, both ergonomically and technologically. This includes a larger touchscreen as well as the ability to operate the cradle feeder from either side. In addition, it is now possible to pre-set, save, and manage parameters for different textiles,” the company added.

For more ergonomic loading, one side of the cradle feeder 100 can be lowered, the company said. A dancer roller continuously registers fluctuations in web tension. If necessary, the cradle feeder automatically regulates the feed speed. In addition, the movement is synchronised with the cutter, which further minimises material stretch and distortions. The cradle feeder not only unwinds material from rolls, it can also rewind them. When a job is done, this feature is used to easily rewind uncut fabric back onto the roll. The rewind function creates a tightly wound roll for easy storage.

“As was the case with the previous version, the cradle feeder 100 can accommodate fabric rolls of up to 100 kg/220 lbs if fed from the cradle. The cradle now contains more than twice as many belts for optimal feed performance,” the company said in the release.

For even greater flexibility, eg with static-prone and particularly clingy materials, the cradle feeder can be equipped with an optional cored roll-off unit. The cradle feeder 100 is available immediately for Zünd cutter series S3, G3, and D3 (in widths of 1800, 2270, and 3210 mm / 70, 89, and 126 in).

This article was published by Fibre2Fashion June 2, 2021. Zund America, Inc. is a member of SPESA.

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