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Tukatech and FK Group Release Premium Fabric Cutter

By California Apparel News

With a mission of digitizing the apparel industry’s manufacturing capabilities, the Los Angeles–headquartered Tukatech has sought to automate one of the industry’s foundational tools—fabric cutters.

These basic tools are known for taking a pattern and using it to cut pieces of fabric to be made into clothing or other textile uses. Tukatech recently announced a new development with the Italian company FK Group, which has collaborated with Tukatech since 1995. The companies announced the release of Tukatech Cutters, a line of high-performance automatic fabric cutters.

The cutters support the Los Angeles company’s power module and its high-speed processors. This support promotes nonstop cutting and helps workers operate with more precision, said Sergio Gori, chief executive officer of the FK Group.

The power modules allow for the calculation of millions of instructions to analyze tasks, such as cut path and sequencing, that can produce an average of 16.8 percent higher productivity compared to most cutters. The machine also offers Safe Start Point, a copyrighted feature, that allows users to cut without any buffers between pattern pieces, a point of difference that can help save material.

Ram Sareen, Tukatech’s founder and chief executive officer, said companies that purchase the automatic fabric cutter will be able to receive Tukatech training for the machine. “We are truly a solutions provider. We train the cutting-machine operators to maintain their own machines, provide a package of all spare parts so the manufacturers can stay operational without expensive support agreements,” Sareen said.

One fan of the machine is Dov Charney, founder and CEO of Los Angeles Apparel. “These cutters supersede Industry 4.0 standards with faster, more precise and higher-quality cutting,” he said.

Along with making garment-manufacturing tools such as fabric cutters, Tukatech also provides fashion software and machinery for product development and cloud collaboration.

This article was published in California Apparel News February 9, 2021. Tukatech and FKgroup are both members of SPESA.

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