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Unlocking New Opportunities for Growth and Profit with Supply Chain Optimization

By WhichPLM

A major phenomenon that fashion companies have adapted to is the ability of personalization. Providing this type of service allows brands and retailers to build powerful relationships with their consumers as well as create a unique shopping experience that can also increase sales and acquisitions. Through Lectra’s AI-powered solutions, companies can join the digital revolution of providing customization to their consumers while appropriately monitoring their supply and demand, reducing over-production, and minimizing waste through end-to-end solutions.

It’s key for brands to utilize end-to-end solutions to increase efficiency, profitability, and transparency throughout each step of operations. By streamlining their production process, they can adjust quickly to consumer demands, react timely to unplanned orders, and overall focus on the quality and consistency of each product.

This announcement was published in WhichPLM July 27, 2022. Lectra is a SPESA member.

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