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VDMA Announces Significant Increase in Incoming Orders

Press Release

German manufacturers of Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies ended 2021 with positive figures. Incoming orders increased by 35 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. Exports were also up again in 2021: In the sewing and garment technology sector, German machinery manufacturers increased exports by 8 percent to 439 million euros.

Poland Most Important Export Market

The most important export market from a German perspective was Poland, followed by the USA and France. German suppliers of shoe and leather technology increased their exports by 16 percent to 47.5 million euros. Here, the main customer countries were the USA, France and Mexico. Exports of German laundry and dry cleaning technology also increased by 6 percent to 364 million euros in 2021. The most important export markets here were Poland, Turkey and the USA. Exports also recovered in 2021 from a European perspective. Exports of Italian sewing and apparel technology, for example, rose by 11.5 percent to 271 million euros, and Italian footwear and leather technology also increased by over 19 percent to 284 million euros. Spain was also able to increase exports of laundry and dry cleaning technology by 12 percent to 87 million.

"Companies' order books are well filled after the pandemic-related slumps in 2020," Straub said. "However, ever-increasing raw material prices, massive supply bottlenecks for precursors, expensive and difficult transport conditions, and huge increases in energy costs are presenting many technology manufacturers with major challenges. Added to this are now the unforeseeable consequences caused by the war in Ukraine."

Industry Meeting on Site in Nuremberg

After two years, the VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies was finally able to hold its industry meeting in Nuremberg on April 4 and 5 with a presence. "As we have learned in the pandemic over the past two years, no virtual meeting can replace face-to-face exchange on site," said Elgar Straub, Managing Director VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies.

Participants were able to learn about current topics in workshops "Sustainability in the Textile Industry in Dialogue with the Mechanical Engineering Sector" and "Increasing Protectionism in the US-China-EU Triangle and the Impact on Mechanical Engineering" as well as about the EU Green Deal and current developments in the sewing and apparel industry and the textile care industry in the US. From Messe Frankfurt, attendees received an update on Texprocess in June 2022, the long-awaited, first leading industry trade show in three years.

Election to the Board

During the industry meeting, the trade association expanded its Board to include four more board members - including an additional Italian representative.

This press release was issued April 5, 2022. VDMA is an associate member of SPESA.

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