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YKK’s New 3D Platform To Optimize Zipper Design

By Rivet

Trim design is going digital.

Following the lead of 3D design software platforms like CLO, MYR and Browzwear, YKK on launched Wednesday the YKK Trim Creator, a 3D trim configurator aimed at helping designers visualize trim options, design trims, and generate item codes.

The global fastening manufacturer partnered with Vntana to create the platform. The Californian 3D infrastructure technology company’s software enables brands to scale 3D seamlessly across digital platforms such as e-commerce sites, B2B virtual showrooms, social media and the metaverse. It previously worked with Diesel, Crystal Group and VF Corp. on digital solutions for design and retail.

“As we constantly evolve to provide the best service for customers, we are laser focused on speed, quality, and sustainability,” said Takayuki Kato, YKK Corporation VP, global marketing group. “Digitalization through a tool like the YKK Trim Creator helps us achieve all three.” A 2022 survey found that YKK customers wanted to customize a finished zipper digitally and to identify the correct item descriptions and codes for their customized zippers. The YKK Trim Creator addresses those needs.

Through the YKK Trim Creator, Vntana’s patented optimization algorithms enable YKK clients to easily view thousands of customized options. This makes it easy for designers to specify the correct fastener components, see the design in real-time in 3D, and share the 3D model through a simple URL.

With this integration, YKK said customers will see a “significant time savings in the design process.”

YKK Trim Creator enhances the efficiency of the zipper design and adoption process and minimizes the need to create the usual volume of physical zipper samples. This decreases costs and carbon footprint by cutting back on waste and shipping while improving the sales process for buyers, YKK stated.

“So many designers and brands lose valuable time using legacy, analog tactics such as catalogs and item samples for product selection,” said Ashley Crowder, Vntana co-founder and CEO. “The YKK Trim Creator is an example of how Vntana’s software can provide the back-end infrastructure needed to improve the digital design process to make it functional and effective for brands.”

This article was published in Rivet May 17, 2023. YKK is a SPESA member.

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