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Los Angeles
2024 SPESA Advancements in 
Manufacturing Technologies Conference
Los Angeles | April 11, 2024

Sponsor Company Information

Learn more about the companies that sponsored the 2024 SPESA Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference.


Alvanon is the global apparel business expert. We equip apparel retailers, brands, designers and manufacturers with world-class growth, customer engagement, product development and supply chain strategies. Our core areas of expertise include: business and product development processes; consumer-focused data gathering and analytics; 3D virtual product design, development and prototyping; optimization and standardization of apparel fit, sizing and grading; consumer-targeted merchandising, retail, sales and marketing strategies; and professional development training of both internal teams and external business partners.

Alvanon's Eric Lee will be speaking at the conference. 


Aptean brings cutting-edge fashion and apparel software solutions to companies and manufacturers hampered by inefficient legacy ERP systems, in need of efficient shop floor control ( and looking for a modern PLM solution. It’s important to isolate data streams, manage/reduce spiraling costs and improve efficiencies & productivity in manufacturing. Aptean’s next-generation, cloud and local-based enterprise technology seamlessly helps businesses reach their full potential – accelerating and improving performance across the entire global supply chain.

Aptean's Justin Hershoran and John Robinson will be speaking at the conference.   


Autometrix, Inc is a family-owned company specializing in pattern development software for the industrial fabrics industry and low-ply precision cutting machines. With bases in California and Ohio, Autometrix has produced innovative technology for textiles manufacturing since 1979. Whether cutting vinyl, carbon fiber (dry or prepreg), canvas, leather, insulation, sail cloth or pretty much any other fabric imaginable, the Autometrix family of cutting tables, digitizing tools, and software options offer comprehensive cutting solutions with unmatched integration, precision, and reliability.

California Apparel News (Media Partner) 

The Apparel News Group, owned by TLM Publishing Inc., has been in business since 1945. The omni-channel media group covers the largest apparel center in the country and its influence worldwide. It produces a bi-weekly print and digital publication in addition to several specialized supplements throughout the year; e-newsletters/e-blasts; a daily updated website; plus native advertising, video, and classifieds opportunities.

The company is noted for its full-spectrum customer service, including the ability to create not only advertisements and other collateral material but also innovative marketing concepts on a fast-turn basis.

Circulation consists of department, chain, and specialty-store buyers; manufacturers of apparel, textiles, and accessories; as well as the suppliers of services and products, including finance, technology, real estate, sourcing, freight and logistics, legal, findings and trimmings, branding, and more. The print paper is distributed at trade shows and Los Angeles Fashion District buildings; the digital edition is sent to 25,000 subscribers.

California Fashion Association

The California Fashion Association (CFA) was the outcome of Fashion Industry Round Table, hosted by then Mayor Richard Riordan. The meeting was in response to circumstances surrounding an egregious act of subverted labor law issues, commonly called the "El Monte Sweatshop" incident.

At that meeting, participants agreed that an industry organization was necessary to answer the questions of the media and other groups, to gather significant statistics, on-going data, and instigate cooperative efforts with city, state, and federal officials investigating the incident, on behalf of the apparel & textile industry at large. Since then, the CFA has become a multi-pronged Association, dealing with all the significant issues affecting the apparel and textile industry of California. 

In 1999, the California Fashion Foundation was created “from the heart of the CFA” as the fund raising arm of the CFA. It is a non-profit (C-3) public benefit program that creates yearly events and fund raising opportunities for scholarships and other defined charities allied to the fashion industry.

California Fashion Association's Ilse Metchek will be speaking at the conference. 

Eton Systems AB

Eton Systems globally provides material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding its way to the correct operation. The systems are designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling, radically increasing the time for adding value to your Products. The systems include a real-time information system and the necessary tools to improve the manufacturing processes through powerful software programs. Furthermore we provide interactive training courses for all levels in manufacturing companies to help you achieve excellence. The combination of these three cornerstones makes Eton Systems to the number one investment for increased efficiency.

Eton's Jerker Krabbe and Sven Sörbö will be speaking at the conference. 

Fibre2Fashion (Official Knowledge Partner) 

Fibre2Fashion has been a forerunner serving as a single-stop solution for the Textile-Apparel & Fashion industry, carving a niche for over 2 decades. With a strong global presence and widespread reach in the industry Fibre2Fashion is a world leader in facilitating businesses with critical & accurate industry information, innovative brand building solutions, market research insights for textile sector Fibre2Fashion is a name synonymous as ‘Knowledge Disseminator’ that delivers exactly what matters to the industry and businesses in the textile industry.

Check out the official Fibre2Fashion Knowledge Paper, exclusive for attendees of the 2024 SPESA Advancements Conference

Henderson Sewing Machine Co.

Global supplier of new and used industrial sewing machines, sewing machine parts, accessories, supplies, custom automated attachments, PPE face mask machines, metal and face recognition with thermography walk-through machines by Juki, Brother, Consew, Durkopp-Adler, Kansai, Matsuya, Merrow, Mitsubishi, Pegasus, Pfaff, Rehoo, Richpeace, Union Special, Yamato, AC Products, Albatross, American Niagara, Bimba, Clinton, Clippard, Cooper, Dandux, Dennison, Dremel, Eastlex, Eastman, EC Mitchell, Efka, Feedrail, Gold Seal, Golden Eagle, Groz-Beckert, Hashima, Hams, Hirose, Hi-Steam, Ho Hsing, Humphrey, Jack, Kessler, Kretzer, Lathem, Nissan, Organ, Panasonic, Phillocraft, Puritan, Qualitex, Racing, Reece, Reimers, Rimoldi, Schmetz, Seiko, Sheffield, Singer, Siruba, Sprayway, Tek-Matic, Templex, Trimmaster, US Blindstitch, Utica, Veit, Voight, Wiss, Zoje.

Henderson Sewing's Frank Henderson will be speaking at the conference. 


ISAIC (the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center) is a pioneering national resource and non-profit institute for the manufacturing of soft goods. They pilot innovation and train underserved communities to master these innovations, supporting the return of domestic manufacturing in an ethical, sustainable, and viable way. ISAIC prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices by aligning critical components for successful pilots and ensuring economic upward mobility for people. By advocating for industry progress with people at the center and leveraging both people and technological advancements, ISAIC improves the industry in a collaborative and innovative manner.

ISAIC's Jen Guarino will be speaking at the conference. 

Just Style (Media Partner) is one of a network of 40+ proprietary B2B websites, with an unrivalled global audience of active decision makers, influencers, and opinion leaders across the world with a combined readership of 55 million industry professionals each year. 

As part of GlobalData, we have access to over 1bn data points including companies, deals, projects and forecasts, and trends. Leading data informs and supports our industry leading content. With expertise spanning more than 80 markets globally and driven by 800+ award-winning journalists, researchers, and analysts, we connect you with the information that makes and breaks businesses every day. 

Combined with our award-winning targeting technology built into our network of websites, we offer a unique end-to-end marketing solution combining insight, creativity, and cutting-edge AI-technology. Our marketing solution allows clients to identify, target and engage with prospects using access and ownership of our 40+ B2B media websites and their large sector specific audiences. With more reach, data targeting and first-party data than any other partner, we produce world-class campaigns for our clients. For more details on our technology-driven marketing solution visit



Founded in 1973, Lectra is a world leader in integrated technology solutions—software, CAD/CAM hardware, and associated services—specifically designed for industries using textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, or composites to manufacture their products. It serves major world markets: fashion, automotive, furniture as well as a broad array of other industries including aeronautics, marine, wind turbine, etc. A transnational company, Lectra develops long-term relationships with its 23,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Lectra’s solutions, specific to each industry, enable customers to automate, streamline, and accelerate product design, development, and manufacturing. In the fashion industry, they make it possible to plan and manage the full life cycle of each collection while developing brands’ creative heritage.

In June 2021, Lectra acquired Gerber Technology, a USA-based company founded in 1968. Like Lectra, Gerber Technology develops software and automation solutions for fashion, automotive, furniture and other businesses across the globe. 

Lectra's Ketty Pillet will be speaking at the conference. 

Morgan Tecnica Spa

Morgan Tecnica is a leading technology/manufacturing product solution company servicing the Apparel, Furniture, Automotive, Marine and Industrial Fabric Industries. With over 25 years experience in this industry the key principals of Morgan Tecnica bring not only experience and expertise but innovation and forward thinking processes and solutions. Products/Solutions: CAD/cut plan software, plotter's, loaders, tables and multi-level tables, spreader's, label printing, and cutters. Our solutions are not only fully integrate-able with other products, but we are the only company that offers a complete end-to-end solution to our potential and current tools and applications to deliver to retailers and wholesalers worldwide.

Morgan Tecnica's Michael Rabin will be speaking at the conference. 


Tukatech is the garment and apparel industry’s leading provider of fashion technology solutions. Founded in 1995 by garment-industry veteran Ram Sareen, Tukatech offers award-winning 2-D and 3-D pattern making, design, and manufacturing software designed specifically for garment makers of all sizes and skill levels, as well as garment plotters, and automatic cutters and spreaders for production. All systems include unlimited training, consulting, process engineering, and implementation of our technologies. The capabilities of Tukatech’s technology remains unparalleled in the fashion industry, and all of our products are offered at affordable prices.

Tukatech's Ram Sareen will be speaking at the conference. 

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Official Knowledge Partner


Fibre2Fashion has been a forerunner serving as a single-stop solution for the Textile-Apparel & Fashion industry, carving a niche for over 2 decades. With a strong global presence and widespread reach in the industry Fibre2Fashion is a world leader in facilitating businesses with critical & accurate industry information, innovative brand building solutions, market research insights for textile sector Fibre2Fashion is a name synonymous as ‘Knowledge Disseminator’ that delivers exactly what matters to the industry and businesses in the textile industry.

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