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Los Angeles
2024 SPESA Advancements in 
Manufacturing Technologies Conference
Los Angeles | April 11, 2024

Post-Event Information

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2024 SPESA Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference!

Held at the California Market Center (CMC) in Los Angeles, the event brought together nearly 100 industry professionals, including suppliers, manufacturers, brands, and government agencies. Around 50% of the audience was made up of first-time SPESA attendees, and 50% was local to the L.A.-area. We hope that the people who came to the event — both the ones we knew and the ones we now know — left with new knowledge, new connections, and a new drive in their respective careers.  


Here is some general post-event information: 

Program Presentations & Knowledge Paper

Linked here, you’ll find the presentation from the event. You can also check out slides from Advancements Conference speaker and SPESA Board member, Frank Henderson, here.

Linked here, you'll find the Fibre2Fashion Knowledge Paper, first shared exclusively with the 2024 Advancements Conference attendees.

Agenda & Speakers 

Want to know what we talked about in L.A.? Click here for the 2024 Advancements Conference agenda. You can also check out our impressive line-up of speakers here

Event Attendees

Linked here, you'll find a list of the 2024 Advancements Conference attendees. 

Event Photos

Linked here, you'll find photos from the event. Thank you to everyone who posted photos across their social media channels!

Event Media 

Linked here, you'll find some event news coverages from the You’ll also find links to recent news about some of our event speakers and sponsors and the really cool work they’re doing in the industry.

Event Sponsors

We are very grateful for the support of all of our sponsors, and we hope that all event attendees had a chance to engage with the sponsors in L.A.. If not, we highly suggest you check out each sponsors website at the links below. You can also learn about each sponsor here

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Official Knowledge Partner


Fibre2Fashion has been a forerunner serving as a single-stop solution for the Textile-Apparel & Fashion industry, carving a niche for over 2 decades. With a strong global presence and widespread reach in the industry Fibre2Fashion is a world leader in facilitating businesses with critical & accurate industry information, innovative brand building solutions, market research insights for textile sector Fibre2Fashion is a name synonymous as ‘Knowledge Disseminator’ that delivers exactly what matters to the industry and businesses in the textile industry.

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