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Apparel Job Portal Helps Unemployed Workers and Incentivizes Employers During Pandemic

By Tukatech

Tukatech announces the reopening of their apparel job portal “Career Connection” where future employees and employers meet and find out if they were a good fit for each other. Industry skilled workers can visit the Tukatech website and search through a database of job postings from apparel businesses around the globe securely and confidentially. There is no cost to either the job seekers or for businesses posting jobs.

As part of this service, Tukatech will donate 2 months of free TUKAcad software to prospective employers who hire displaced, trained people, through their apparel job portal. This allows the experienced employee who is already trained in one or more Tukatech solutions to come in and add value to the business immediately.

With the shift in the industry with new emerging entrepreneurs and pressing times with many apparel businesses, there is a higher number of downsizing, furloughs, and closures globally. This leaves many qualified, skilled workers searching for new opportunities. “For every failing business, 100 new start-ups need help from seasoned people who may have lost their job,” says Ram Sareen, Founder and CEO of Tukatech.

Tukatech is well-known for bridging gaps between apparel companies, technology, and users by creating a collaborative environment. They have been at the forefront of the industry for many firsts and maintain tight relationships with people at all levels of the apparel industry.

“Technical jobs are always out there and are in demand. Being a technology solutions provider, we have been offering this service for over 15 years, successfully placing hundreds of people into new positions throughout the industry,” continues Sareen.

Career Connection serves as a platform for trained and experienced individuals to find a workplace where their Tukatech skills can be of use. For more information about Tukatech’s Career Connection visit:

This press release was published by Tukatech October 14, 2020.

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