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SourceAmerica Announces 2024 Achievement Award Winners

Press Release

VIENNA, Va., May 9, 2024 -- SourceAmerica®, an AbilityOne® authorized enterprise that creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities, announced the winners of its national achievement awards at its annual Xforce Conference in Orlando, Florida on May 8, 2024.

The SourceAmerica achievement awards recognize nonprofits, employees and business partners for their exceptional work ethic, success and leadership in advancing inclusion for people with disabilities in the workforce. These awards highlight successes in disability employment, especially when approximately 63 percent of working age people with disabilities do not have jobs.  

"SourceAmerica is dedicated to creating opportunities for inclusive and diverse work environments where every individual has the opportunity to thrive," said Richard Belden, SourceAmerica president and chief executive officer. "These awards serve as a testament to the incredible contributions of people with disabilities, breaking barriers and proving that diversity is a key driver of success."

Learn more about the outstanding accomplishments of the 2024 Achievement Award winners:

Jason Sodano, New Leaf Inc., Oak Harbor, Washington

William M. Usdane Award for Outstanding Achievement and Exceptional Character

Jason Sodano has been awarded the William M. Usdane Award, which celebrates an AbilityOne Program employee with a disability who has exhibited outstanding achievement and exceptional character. Sodano, who has autism, has worked for New Leaf for more than 13 years in various roles, and has become a standout employee for his award-winning perfect attendance and his dedication to performing his duties. Currently working as a janitor at the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Sodano focuses on in-depth cleaning and sanitation in the base gym that serves up to 1,700 military personnel in a day. During his time at New Leaf, Sodano has received multiple company awards, consistently exceeds quality control standards in his department, and is known for his willingness to advocate for himself, his coworkers and his position. 

Minh Van Bui, Endeavors Unlimited, Houston, Texas

Evelyne Villines Award for Advancement Into Management

Minh Van Bui, who currently works as the Houston area manager for Endeavors Unlimited, is the recipient of the Evelyne Villines Award, which honors an individual with a disability who has advanced from work on an AbilityOne contract into management (supervisory or leadership) within the nonprofit agency, or into private or government employment. Minh, who is deaf, has worked for Endeavors Unlimited for more than four years and has risen to team leader for the Houston region where she manages more than 30 people on teams throughout the area. Throughout her tenure, she has helped fuel growth at Endeavors Unlimited by expanding the team, allowing them to take on more contracts, and recognizing the abilities of people with disabilities and promoting from within whenever possible.

Stacey Buckner, ServiceSource, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Tom Miller Advocacy Award for Outstanding Achievement and Self-Advocacy

Stacey Buckner is the recipient of the Tom Miller Advocacy Award, which recognizes an employee with a disability who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and remarkable passion for self-advocacy on a local, state or national level. After suffering a stroke and traumatic brain injury in 2008, Buckner faced a long and difficult recovery. She worked with ServiceSource to secure employment within the AbilityOne Program at Fayetteville Veterans Affairs Medical Center. There, Buckner took a deeper interest in the needs of homeless veterans. Through partnering with ServiceSource, Buckner has launched several nonprofits focused on the mental and physical health of local Fayetteville veterans, including Off-Road Outreach, a program that provides showers, laundry, clothing and meals; Veggies for Vets, a fresh food program serving more than 50 veterans weekly; and the Big Tiny Project, a planned tiny home community granting up to 180 days of free transitional housing to homeless and at-risk veterans in Fayetteville. Buckner has also been recognized as a CNN 2023 HERO.

James W. Murray III, Training, Rehabilitation & Development Institute (TRDI), Valdosta, Georgia

Honor Roll for Veterans Award for Outstanding Achievement in Their Work

James W. Murray III, a 25-year Air Force veteran, is the winner of the Honor Roll for Veterans Award, which pays tribute to a veteran with a service-related disability who has exhibited outstanding achievement in their work. Murray has service-related disabilities, including shoulder and back injuries, and currently works as an aircraft servicer at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, where he is a natural leader of the team and puts his Air Force experience to great use. In one instance, Murray declared a ground emergency and acted quickly to help save a multimillion-dollar jet that caught on fire, while also keeping everyone safe from harm. In his free time, Murray also serves his country through his other passion, baking. Murray often bakes for the troops at Moody Air Force Base Camp.


TAC Industries (Fresh Abilities), Springfield, Ohio

Innovation Award Winner

TAC Industries has been named the Innovation Award Winner, which honors a nonprofit agency in the SourceAmerica network that developed innovative work methods, products or services during 2022. TAC Industries created the Fresh Abilities restaurant, a farm-to-table quick service restaurant on the Clark State College campus, which functions simultaneously as an employment center and a training program for workers with disabilities. TAC developed a curriculum that includes over 100 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on skill building. TAC's partnership with Clark State benefits employees who receive employment and training, as well as students, faculty and employees of the university who have access to healthy food, as well as college administration, which can divert funds previously spent on food service to other student-focused areas.

Canyon Ranch Resort, Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Business Partnership Award for Commercial Business Partnering To Increase Employment For People With Disabilities

Canyon Ranch Resort is the recipient of the Business Partnership Award, which honors a small to large commercial business that has partnered with a SourceAmerica-affiliated nonprofit agency to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Canyon Ranch Resort worked directly with Catholic Community Services after COVID-19 to fill several vacancies at the hotel. Through this partnership, several competitive integrated job opportunities were created and filled, many of which are held by people with disabilities. Canyon Ranch worked closely with Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona to ensure its operations are fully inclusive of individuals with disabilities and creates pathways for each individual who wants to start a career at the resort.  

About SourceAmerica

SourceAmerica connects government customers and other organizations to a national network of AbilityOne authorized providers that hire a talented segment of the workforce—people with disabilities. Established in 1974, SourceAmerica is committed to increasing economic and social inclusion and advocating for a more accessible future of work for people with disabilities. SourceAmerica, an AbilityOne authorized enterprise, harnesses the momentum and boosts the capability of its network and customers as a leading job connector for the disability community. To learn more, visit and follow @SourceAmerica on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This press release was issued May 15, 2024. SourceAmerica is a SPESA member.

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