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SPESA Welcomes Five New Members

Press Release

The new member companies include Apparel Machinery & Supply Co., Optitex, Twine Solutions Ltd., Texpak, Inc., and Seddi Inc.

Raleigh, NC – July 20, 2022 – The Sewn Products Equipment and Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA) is excited to announce the addition of five new members to its roster of sewn products industry leaders. The new member companies include Apparel Machinery & Supply Co. (Philadelphia, PA), Optitex (Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel), Twine Solutions Ltd. (Petah Tikva, Israel), Texpak, Inc. (Franklin Square, NY), and SEDDI (New York, NY).

“Our team is thrilled to welcome these five new members to the SPESA family,” said SPESA President, Michael McDonald. “When we grow our member base, we build a larger and stronger network for both members and their customers. This allows us to expand resources, and work together as a collective unit to build a better future for the sewn products industry.”

SPESA’s five new member companies join a roster of nearly one hundred other companies, associations, and nonprofits from across the sewn products industry. From innovation in technology to workforce training, SPESA members design, manufacture, and distribute some of the most important tools needed for a strong and successful global sewn products industry. More information on each of the new member companies is detailed below.

Apparel Machinery & Supply Co. assists customers in every phase of pressing, finishing, and fusing of garments. The company represents exclusively in North, Central, and South America the internationally known quality equipment lines of Hoffman pressing equipment; Naomoto irons, self contained vacuum tables and other specialized finishing equipment; Reliant fusing and laminating machines; Koenig irons, mini boilers, and automatic garment finishers.

Apparel Machinery and Supply Company also carries a complete inventory of spare parts, pressing supplies, PTFE belts, and accessories to support these lines of equipment, and offers a qualified team of specialists to provide a complete assessment of present or future needs, with the objective of reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving quality.

Optitex specializes in digital innovation from design to production. The company's groundbreaking software solutions include 2D design and 3D visualization platforms that cover the entire fashion and apparel supply chain, create efficient workflows, and shorten time to market.

With over 25 years of fashion and apparel innovation history, Optitex has acquired the ability to quickly respond to the industry’s changing demands and provide trusted consultation on how to future-proof its customers' businesses, empower creative visions, and grow bottom lines.

Twine Solutions is a technology company that has developed a digital thread and yarn dyeing technology that dyes white/raw/recycled polyester thread and yarn using a waterless process. With Twine dyeing systems and proprietary inks, brands and manufacturers are able to dye their thread in-house, on-demand, ready for immediate use for their sewing, knitting, and embroidery needs. Twine technology saves on lead times, thread waste by removing the minimum order requirements and logistics around thread orders. In addition to waste reduction, Twine’s technology helps brands reach their goals of sustainability with zero water used in the dyeing process and less energy consumption than the conventional process. All this, without compromising on color and creativity, with the capability of dyeing multiple colors and color gradients on a single yarn. Texpak, Inc. Texpak has been serving the apparel industry for more than 85 years, having invented the plastic clip used to hold folded garments, and the MAT® machine, which significantly speeds up the attaching of tags to garments. Additionally, Texpak is the largest distributor of Avery Dennison tag attaching fasteners, tools, and needles. Texpak is also responsible for introducing the first program for imprinting care and content labels in factories. With the recent shortage of in-plant label printers, Texpak is in the process of introducing new equipment to the U.S. market. The company also supplies blank, as well as printed tags and labels, all of which are produced in the U.S., and a line of thermal transfer printers that can print, cut, and stack media. Seddi Inc. Seddi Inc. is a spin-off research company started by researchers from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and experts from the fashion industry, focused on the creation of engineering tools for fashion design and production. The company’s solutions combine physically-based mechanical simulation and optical rendering with the latest GPU high performance computing technologies to achieve fast feedback and realistic predictive visualization of garments and fabrics.

To learn more about SPESA’s members, visit the SPESA member directory here. For more information about SPESA membership visit



Formed in 1990, SPESA (Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas) is the largest trade association in the Americas solely devoted to the advancement of suppliers of machinery, technology, ancillary equipment, parts, services, and other solutions for the development, manufacture, and distribution of sewn products. SPESA members serve the apparel, upholstered furniture, home textiles, transportation interiors, leather goods, footwear, military, technical/industrial textiles, and other sewn products segments. SPESA promotes and coordinates business and social interaction and provides opportunities for the sharing of industry-specific and general business information for its members and their customers. Learn more at


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