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Winners of First Interzum Forum Italy Awards Announced

By Furniture & Joinery Production

The winners of the interzum forum italy award 2024 were announced and celebrated at a gala evening in Bergamo.

interzum forum italy, the new biennial event that opens its doors to visitors today in Bergamo's trade fair centre, has announced the winners of the first edition of the interzum forum italy award 2024. The winners were announced and celebrated at the gala evening, held yesterday in the beautiful Hotel San Marco in the centre of Bergamo.

The jury included Jessica Alexander, Former Executive Director at National Bed Federation; Segzin Aksu, Designer; Mario Bisson, Associate Professor; Franco Bulian, Director of Catas; Sasha Peters, Innovation consultant and materials expert and Dick Spierenburg, Designer.

The winners were as follows:


Category: Innovation

Company: MarcaClac di Cattaneo Sergio

Winning product: MarcaClac Sistema®

MarcaClac Sistema® by MarcaClac di Cattaneo Sergio is a patented technology for creating custom-made furniture and furnishing elements with a self-supporting, flexible and functional construction method, which enhances the reuse and sustainability of the entire system.



Category: Innovation

Company: Scilm Spa

Winning product: Prima Base

Prima Base by Scilm Spa is a furniture base that allows great freedom in the creation of the bases of kitchen furniture in which equipment or appliances are installed which increasingly require special applications and processes for housing. Supplied complete with plugs, according to customer specifications, it is designed to accommodate common feet.


Category: ESG & Sustainability


Winning product: Micol Lounge R1

Micol Lounge R1 is a padded system with a single-material polyurethane structure, both rigid and flexible, designed for complete disassembly of the products both for correct disposal and reuse and for easy repairability and replacement of parts ensuring extreme durability. The flexible component is produced with raw materials made up of 51% recycled material.



Category: Innovation


Winning product: g_ink

g_ink by ICRO COATINGS S.p.A. con Socio Unico is a water-based stain for wood and metal surfaces based on 'Upgraded Recycled Graphite', a secondary raw material obtained by recovering industrial graphite from Hi-Tech companies. The graphite, subsequently transformed and improved, becomes "Upgraded Recycled Graphite", refined and combined with other strictly eco-sustainable ingredients.


Category: ESG & Sustainability

Company: Bonomi Pattini Giuseppe e Figli SpA

Winning product: UPB Boards Made of Resysta®

UPB Boards Made of Resysta® by Bonomi Pattini Giuseppe e Figli SpA is a panel made with 100% recycled and recyclable rice husk. The panel, with aesthetic characteristics equal to wood, guarantees high resistance to water and UV rays and thanks to the thermoplastic capacity of the material the panels can be thermoformed.



Category: Innovation

Company: Morgan Tecnica SPA

Winning product: REX

REX by Morgan Tecnica SPA is a cutting machine that guarantees energy savings of 50% compared to traditional cutting machines of the same range. Part of the "REX Range" is also designed to be easily transportable, thanks to a compact design and a structure that can be divided into two easily assembled blocks, guaranteeing performance and quality.



Company: SIMALFA®

Winning product: SIMALFA® 365 Debonding Adhesive

SIMALFA® 365 Debonding Adhesive by SIMALFA® is a water-based adhesive that facilitates the complete separation of the foam layers, allowing their reintroduction into the production of raw material. Thus facilitating the recycling and upcycling of valuable materials and making it possible to produce new mattresses from the recovery of used ones.

This announcement was made June 6, 2024. Morgan Tecnica America Inc. is a SPESA member.

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