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Zund America Presents: Digital Cutting Days ‘23

Press Release

Oak Creek, Wisc. – Zund America announces a special, two-day Open House taking place September 28-29, 2023. The highlight of the event will be the U.S. premiere of the brand-new, most advanced generation of Zünd digital cutting systems, the Q-Line with BHS180. Ongoing live demonstrations throughout the two days will also feature other recent Zünd innovations targeting various industries and applications.

The future of digital cutting has arrived! Zund America is proud to be able to present the long-awaited 4th generation of Zünd digital cutting systems, the Q-Line with BHS180. This latest addition to the Zünd digital cutter family is a complete, fully automated system designed exclusively for industrial, pallet-to-pallet production. It features smart machine-control technology, unprecedented cutting speeds (without loss of accuracy), and reliable, advanced automation. The Q-Line with BHS180 is a comprehensive, advanced system solution that takes digital production to a new level, enabling fully automated, uninterrupted, and unsupervised digital finishing.

The concept behind Q-Line with BHS180 redefines digital cutting performance in many ways. The linear drive system generates impressive speeds of up to 2.8m/s (more than 9 ft/s), with an astonishing 2.1g acceleration. The new Q-Line substructure is made from heavy and extremely stable mineral cast. This stability ensures smooth operation and optimal precision, even at high speeds—by definition, concrete performance—Zünd’s tagline for the new system.

In addition to the Q-Line Premiere, Digital Cutting Days ’23 attendees will be able to see all the latest Zünd digital cutting innovations in action. Multiple 3rd generation G3/D3 and S3 systems will be setup for different applications processing materials commonly used in different industries. While workflow automation will be a central theme throughout the event, day 1 will focus on graphics/packaging applications in the morning, leather/textile in the afternoon; the morning of day 2 will be devoted to composites/tech. textile.

For Digital Cutting Days ’23 details and registration, follow this link:

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