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Zünd at ISA Expo 2024: No Limits in Versatility and Workflow Automation

By WhatTheyThink

Oak Creek, Wisc. – In a matter of days, Zund America will be exhibiting at ISA International Sign Expo 2024 in Orlando, Florida, April 10-12. At one of the year’s most important events for sign and graphics professionals, visitors will have a chance to discover there are virtually no limits to the many ways Zünd digital cutting/routing and workflow automation can boost productivity and profitability.

At ISA Booth 2100, and true to this year’s show motto, Zünd will demonstrate how powerful digital cutting technology—combined with intelligent workflow software and a range of optional solutions for automated material handling—can make digital cutting and routing extremely efficient and cost-effective. Using Zünd cutting solutions, print service providers of all sizes can maximize their throughput while simultaneously lowering production costs, making it possible to increase the overall profitability of their cutting and finishing operations smartly and sustainably.

Modularity and Flexibility Create Sustainability

The Zünd product line is highly modular, which makes it possible to add additional tools and material-handling options quickly and easily as customer demand and cutting requirements increase and change. The ability to configure Zünd cutters to individual requirements not just at the time of purchase but as needed at any time, offers tremendous advantages both short and long-term. It helps reduce the initial investment and ensure a fast ROI in the short term, a reliable ROI in the long term. Combined with build quality, this extraordinary adaptability contributes enormously to the longevity of the cutting system, which benefits both the user and our planet.

Precision and Performance Across the Board

No matter the material, Zünd cutting/routing systems and specialized tooling can be relied upon to deliver clean, precise cuts, perfectly registered to the print, using on-board and over-cutter registration systems. From kiss & through-cut PS-vinyl, to precise and perfectly inlayed or polished acrylic, and multiple other materials and cutting methods in between, the full gamut of Zünd tools will once again be on display illustrating the unsurpassed versatility of Zünd cutters/routers.

Automation at Every Level

Also on display at the Zünd booth are various solutions for partial and fully automated material handling. These solutions offer huge potential savings to signage and graphics manufacturers of all sizes. What they all have in common is their ability to work with reduced or virtually no human intervention and ensure consistent, uninterrupted production. Especially at a time when a lot of manufacturers are still dealing with labor shortages, this is a particularly effective way to reduce labor and overall production costs. Visitors to the Zünd booth will also have the opportunity to experience the completely redesigned, touch-based Zünd Cut Center – ZCC and see how it is used to easily control robots and automatically pick & sort finished parts. Zünd will be demonstrating this process with a Robot PortaTable. This solution consists of a mobile off-load table equipped with a robotic arm, which can easily be set up for different applications and moved from one Zünd cutter to another. The Visualizing Option, with optical part marking and the use of printed QR codes, offers more ways to facilitate the production process and make it more efficient. The use of metadata enables end-to-end job tracking and guarantees smooth and efficient logistics throughout the production process.

This announcement was featured in WhatTheyThink April 1, 2024. Zund America is a member of SPESA.

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